Where has the mojo gone?

Man, I have really let this blog slide again… And with it, unfortunately a bit of my journey to fitness as well. I don’t even have an excuse (well, at least not a valid one) .

I stopped doing the BBG, then started again with Week 1 Legs with high hopes of continuing, because I really do have fun doing it, but it all went downhill again. In a different life, where excuses were still valid, I would be spending the next two paragraphs explaining how I’m now back to work after maternity leave and about to get busier than ever before, but deep down I know, that there are people out there who are much busier than me, who make the time to exercise and eat right.

Today I am feeling especially *bleh*. We are staying in a hotel outside Dublin, because my oldest is having a treatment in a hospital tomorrow and it’s too far a drive early in the morning. I had chosen this hotel especially because of the two in almost the same location at the same price, this one offered a gym.

In the car, only 20 minutes into our journey here, I realized that among other things, I had left my running shoes at home. Luckily we were planning on a quick stop in the city centre anyway, so I picked up a cheap pair, thinking that there was no way one run in them would turn out catastrophic.

Getting back to the hotel, I inquired at reception about the gym, only to be told that it is closed at the moment due to refurbishments in the whole hotel. With not enough space in the hotel room to swing a cat, and the hotel being located in a completely unknown area with very heavy traffic, that meant the end to my lofty ideas of working out today ( did you notice the excuses creeping in in that last paragraph??).

However, I should not pretend that it is all doom and gloom. I am still running at least once a week, and I even have 2 races re-caps that I still owe you all, which I will post over the next few days. Additionally (and that really is a big one with how my healthy eating has slipped), I have not put on any weight, and am holding at my 3,8kg loss since I started on January 25th.

I have realized, I need this blog to stay on track, and therefore I promise to make the time to update and to get back on track, after all, now that I am officially 29, the big 3-0 is only getting closer and closer and I don’t have anymore time to lose.